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At ANUCOOL we believe in giving more than what we take and the same applies to our mother nature. Now that the world is so concerned about the conservation of energy and efforts are being made to reduce green house emissions we in our small way are trying to make our world a better place to live in and leave behind a cleaner and greener environment for the future generations. ANUCOOL "Paryavaran" is our initiative for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.


To start with we don't let any waste water being discharged from our premises. We have set up a bio gas plant to treat the toilet waste generated in our premises. Not only the toilet waste but even the bio degradable material is processed at this plant. The two bi-products namely the gas and manure is used by us. The gas for the canteen purpose and the manure for maintaining the lush green cover inside our factory premises as well as the surrounding areas. The treated waste water is then used for gardening purpose thereby reducing the pressure on the already limited resources. 


We have planted trees of various types which are beneficial for the environment. We have also started a new initiative to grow the organic vegetables are fruits that we commonly use in our canteen. We are trying to do that in the most environment friendly way. We don't use any chemical fertilizer, insecticides or pesticides which have been blamed for deteriorating the quality of soil and polluting the water. We believe that more than us, our future generations will have to bear the brunt of the side effects resulting from excessive use of these chemical fertilizers. Therefore the manure generated from our bio gas plant is used for enriching the soil in our premises. In order to maximize the use of space we have setup terrace gardens.


We have also undertaken the responsibility of beautification and maintenance of road dividers and roundabouts in Bhosari M.I.D.C.


The walls of our office building are made of cavity walls which helps regulate the temperature inside our office at an comfortable level. We also have designed ventilators in the office roof which helps the hot air escape from the room and gives way for fresh cool air to take its place. This helps us to maintain a comfortable working environment. It also reduces the load on the air conditioning units.


The ground water levels in most parts of India are fast depleting and we have taken this issue very seriously at ANUCOOL. We don't let any rain water from our premises to be drained into the municipality drainage lines. Instead we collect the rain water from our entire premises and channelize it effectively to be charged back into the ground. Hence rain water harvesting is done in the most effective way.




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Corporate Office:

Anucool Industrial Aids Pvt. Ltd.

T-57, MIDC - Bhosari, Opp Rose Garden, Pune - 411026.

GPS Coordinates : 18.6331512 , 73.8257217